About us

Hi all, my name is Remy Streeter and I'm the face behind RJSilver.

I started in the ecommerce space back in 2020 when I launched my first online business, Dust & Hide, crafting leather & freshwater pearl jewellery. I have since found my passion in silversmithing, which began in the U.S.A on a trip in early 2023 where I was exposed to the beautiful creations of many talented artists - sparking my interest in the craft.

I arrived home and straight away purchased my tools and got stuck into teaching myself, and I haven't stopped since.

You could say that I've always been a creative soul, or maybe it was bred into me. My passion for making jewellery started as a child where I would spend my holidays at my grandmothers house learning how to bead necklaces and watching her knit, quilt & cross-stitch the most beautiful pieces i've ever seen. You could also find me selling my jewellery at our local show alongside a range of homemade baked goods that I'd prepared.

My studio is located at home on my family property just outside of Marlborough, Queensland, where I also co-run our Brahman Stud. Most days you can find me out tending to property duties, as well as conducting artificial insemination programs during the breeding season for other producers as part of my other business as an AI technician.

I am so grateful to have found my passion in crafting handmade, one of a kind pieces that will last a lifetime, and I hope that each and every one of you who purchases one of my pieces enjoys them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

Love, Rem xx